A Coastal Dream Come True: Capturing the End-of-Summer Magic

As the summer sun began its gentle descent, I found myself on the shores of Wilmington, North Carolina, in the company of my sister, Felicia, and her husband. For someone accustomed to the arid landscapes of Arizona, the coastal breeze and the rhythm of the ocean waves were a refreshing change. And for Felicia, this moment marked the culmination of a lifelong dream.

From Philadelphia to Wilmington: Manifesting a Dream Life

Felicia's story is one of determination and the power of manifestation. Earlier in the summer, she and her husband, Tom, made the life-changing decision to relocate from outside Philadelphia to Wilmington. Felicia had always dreamed of living by the ocean, and now, with the ocean breeze in her hair and the sandy shores of Wrightsville Beach beneath her feet, that dream had become her reality. The move to Wilmington wasn't just about a change in scenery; it was a bold step toward their shared passion. Alongside her loving husband, they embarked on a new adventure together, one that would see them open a dive shop in their newfound coastal haven. This new endeavor reflects their love for the sea and the adventures it promises.

Documenting a New Life

Felicia wanted to commemorate this pivotal moment in her life with a beach photo session. She saw it as a way to capture the beauty of Wilmington and the love she and Tom share for each other and their newfound home. She envisioned these photographs as a visual diary, a way to tell the story of her journey from city life to coastal bliss.We chose the serene beauty of Wrightsville Beach at sunrise as our backdrop – a symbol of fresh beginnings and endless possibilities. Waking up before the world had fully stirred, we ventured to Wrightsville Beach in the predawn hours. The sky was adorned with shades of pink and orange, casting a soft, ethereal glow on the sand and sea. There's something magical about the tranquility of the beach at sunrise; it's as if the world is holding its breath, waiting to greet the day.


Photography, at its essence, is about storytelling. It's about capturing the raw, unfiltered emotions of a moment and preserving them for a lifetime. The photos from our end-of-summer beach session aren't just pictures; they're a narrative of dreams pursued, love celebrated, and the beauty of a new life by the ocean. As I framed shots of Felicia and Tom against the backdrop of the ocean, I couldn't help but feel the weight of the moment. Their love and excitement for this new chapter in their lives radiated from each photograph. Felicia's smile told a story of fulfillment, and Tom's gaze toward the horizon hinted at the adventures that awaited them.


Felicia's journey is a testament to the power of setting intentions and pursuing one's dreams. Her manifestation of a life by the ocean is a reminder that change, though daunting, can be the gateway to extraordinary experiences. As I look through the photographs of that morning at Wrightsville Beach, I'm reminded of the significance of capturing these moments. They are more than just pictures; they're a glimpse into a life transformed and a love story unfolding. Felicia and Tom's end-of-summer beach session serves as a reminder that, no matter where we are in life, there's always beauty to be found, stories to be told, and dreams to be pursued.