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Hey there, I'm Makenzie, a 22-year-old adventurer rooted in the vibrant landscapes of Tucson, Arizona. With a passion for exploration and a love for the desert's beauty, I'm constantly seeking new experiences and embracing the wonders of the world around me. Join me as I navigate life's journey with curiosity and an open heart.


Based in Tucson, Arizona, I am committed to using my photography to showcase the beauty of the Southwest and the unique landscapes that surround us. I aim to create images that are authentic, intimate, and timeless. 

Whether I am photographing a wedding, a portrait session, or an intimate moment, my goal is to create a comfortable and relaxed environment that allows my subjects to be themselves. I believe that the best images come from genuine moments, and I strive to capture those moments through my lens.

My goal is not just to take pictures, but to create lasting memories that my clients can cherish for a lifetime. I am committed to providing an exceptional photography experience for my clients, from the initial consultation to the final delivery of their images.

I am passionate about the art of photography and its ability to capture the beauty of life. I am dedicated to using my skills to create images that tell a story, evoke emotions, and celebrate the beauty of the world around us.


When I'm not behind the camera, you can often find me with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, and I find that it often inspires me to create art in new and exciting ways. Another hobby of mine is ceramics, which I enjoy as a way to express my creativity and connect with the physical world.

One of my greatest loves is traveling, and I've been fortunate enough to explore some incredible places throughout the world. During my college years, I studied abroad in London, immersing myself in the culture and rich history of the city. I also had the opportunity to participate in an art residency in Ireland, which gave me a chance to connect with other artists and experience the beauty of the Irish landscape.

When I'm not traveling, I love spending time outdoors, hiking and exploring the natural wonders of Arizona. There's nothing quite like getting lost in the beauty of nature, and I find that this sense of adventure often inspires my photography.

You may have noticed on my homepage that I have a BFA in photography. I am incredibly passionate about my fine art photography, most of which explores the relationship between humans and nature. I've exhibited my work in several galleries here in the states, but also abroad, most recently being in Rome.

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