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Hello you beautiful soul, I'm Makenzie
& I'm so glad you're here!

PA Based Boudoir & Boutique Wedding Photographer 

If you have ever had a strong desire to immerse yourself in the human experience and see all the world has to offer, then grab a cup of tea & settle in! 


Throughout my life I have felt that same calling within myself. I knew I was destined to live my life to the absolute fullest and experience everything the world has to offer. When I was a freshman in college I moved to London and backpacked through Europe. It was there I discovered my love for life and satisfied my craving for having an endlessly changing horizon. I changed my course of education and decided to pursue photography full-time. In my heart I knew I was destined to travel and document the intimate moments of the human experience all across our beautiful planet. 


I promise to capture and preserve moments in time that showcase your unique human experience. I hold my artistry near and dear to my heart, and therefore photography is much more than just a business transaction for me. I strive to be a close friend to my clients so I can provide them a comfortable and warm experience wherever that may take us!