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Where is Home?

I was trying to think of a new blog post, and I realized a question I’m asked a lot is where I prefer to live. As many of you know this past year I’ve moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania to London. Each place I love dearly, but obviously I must have a favorite, right? Truthfully, I’m not sure I can pick just one place because they all offer such different things for me, but I will try my best to answer the question.


I’ve lived in Arizona most of my life. Tucson is my home. When I come back here from traveling I am hit with a wave of familiarity and comfort. I am greeted with memories of friends and family. And not only is it the sense of familiarity that draws me to Arizona, but the environment. The desert is much more slow paced and relaxed, and it serves as an escape for me, now, from my busy life. I simply love the desert and the mountains and the nature here. And in a more practical sense my parents are here and so are my animals. So much of me is still in Arizona, because I have left such important things behind here. When I say this I especially think of my horse, Levi. I have had him for so many years, and he is a part of me. When I am without him it feels like a part of myself is missing. Arizona will always have piece of me. I mean for God's sake I have a tattoo of the state on my ankle. But more importantly I think when I’m out traveling and experiencing new things thinking of Arizona or even visiting grounds me, because it is a reminder of my past. I don’t think I could live in Arizona forever again despite my ties here, because the routine has become too boring for me. For a long time I dreamed of seeing the world and when my routine became boring I began counting the days till I was ready for college. Although I love Tucson There really isn’t much that I haven’t already seen or experienced yet. I need constant stimulation and change, and Tucson can’t give that to me anymore, but it is a nice reminder of who I used to be when I come to visit.


Then I moved to Pennsylvania. I’m going to be honest it’s not my absolute favorite state. I don’t exude Pennsylvania pride, but I like what it offers me. Moving to Pennsylvania gave me more freedom, and I was able to meet wonderful people and grow more as an individual. When people ask me this question I often say I like going to school in Pennsylvania. And that is true. I absolutely love my university and couldn’t see myself anywhere else. I think Pennsylvania is good for me right now in the present, but I think if I were to stay here too long I might get a bit sick of it. However, right now I am pretty content making this my home base. I actually enjoy the cold weather, and I am fond of the fact that it is close to other states, and that I am close to Philadelphia. I still have so much to explore and see and that is keeping me happy here for now.


And then there is London. To me London is this lively place where I feel apart of something much bigger, and I truly love who I am there. There is still so much of London I have not seen and I feel like my life is unfinished there. Perhaps it is because I left in such a hurry, but maybe it’s because I feel I could have seen so much more. The thing about London is that it is so big. You could never possibly run out of things to see and people to meet. When I was living there I merely scratched the surface on the London experience. I also just really appreciate living in a big city with so many other people. I am a very social person so when I was living in London being around so many other people made me feel apart of something big. I loved commuting and using the tube system, and being able to go out and meet friends at pubs. I guess in short living in London felt like a movie of some sort. I would go back in a heartbeat, and I miss it a lot.


However, I am always going to say I think I prefer where I’m not, especially if I have been in one place for too long. I don’t think a lot of people understand this but I get incredibly unsatisfied and antsy when I am static for so long. I can only handle the same routine for so many months before I feel like it’s necessary to drastically change my life again. And I’m not saying by any means I’m not happy where I am in the moment, but rather thoughts of changing home happens when I start to feel any inclination of boredom. However, if I really have to pick my favorite place to live I believe it would be London. This is because there are just so many realities you can live in London, because it is such a big city. It’s hard to feel static when there is endless things and people around. No two days are ever the same in London, and I think that is what appeals to me the most. Like I said though Arizona will always be my true home, but Pennsylvania is also home for me and so is London. So I guess what I am saying is this need for change that propels me is also allowing me to create a sense of home in different places across the world. I suspect that these three places are not the only places I will call home in my lifetime.