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Welcome! | Introducing Myself

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Hi friends! By now you probably know my name is Makenzie & I am a photographer, but I wanted to take a moment in my first blogpost to introduce myself a little bit more to all of you! Let’s get all of those fast facts out of the way right away!

So hi welcome to my blog! My name is Makenzie although my close friends call me Kenzie or Kenz. I’m originally from Tucson, Arizona, but I relocated to Pennsylvania for school. I currently attend Arcadia University where I am getting my Bachelor’s in Fine Art Photography. Although I love Pennsylvania very much I am still very much a desert rat. Horses, heat, & saguaro cactus hold a special place in my heart & I miss all of those things very much living out here in Pennsylvania. The desert will always be my home, but as I have grown older I have discovered a deep passion for traveling & experiencing what the world has to offer. As some of you may know I am no stranger to blogging as I had previously a traveling blog. That blog is still active, however I have made the decision to start a photo exclusive blog. Perhaps the two blogs may combine in the future as the line between photography & travel can get a bit murky.

However, as I was saying, traveling is a passion of mine. I know everyone says that and maybe it’s a bit of a cliche now, but I still stand by saying it. I have visited over 15 countries in the past couple years and am just shy of half of the United States. From living abroad in London to traveling the Caribbean to spontaneous cross country road trips, traveling is in my blood. It ignites a fire within me, and that is why I chose to pursue photography full-time because it allows me flexibility in my job. Let me tell you my mom was pissed when I called her from London to tell her I wasn’t pursing my doctorate path anymore, and that I would rather dive into my childhood passion of photography. Ultimately, I would love to pursue destination weddings and elopements as well as other forms of photography that allow me to travel. My goal is to be able to combine my love of photography & travel to make an income in which I can simply be financially free.

That’s enough talk about my future goals for the moment. I am going to touch a little bit on what shaped me into the person that is writing this right now. As I mentioned I grew up in Tucson and I was heavily influenced by the southwest culture growing up. I had grown up around horses for most of my entire childhood, and I still own my 21 year old mustang, Levi. He is back home in Arizona (pretty much) retired to pasture eating grass all day & playing with his girlfriend Olive. Horses and Levi specifically shaped me into the photographer that I am today. This sounds really funny when I say it so I often have to explain afterward, but when I was taking my first photography class Levi was often my only model. I didn't have a ton of close friends growing up so I spent a lot of my time focusing on taking photos, and a lot of the times they were of horses and more specifically of Levi. As I began to share my work with people at my barn I started getting inquires about shooting photos for other people and their equine friends. While I focus on fine art photography and have expanded my area of expertise I still very much consider equine portrait photography my home.

Well I think that is enough about me for this post, but thank you so much for taking the time to read. Stay tuned for other blogposts that are related to photography. My expectation is that this blog will be a platform in which I can use as a journal & share my experiences as well as teaching others the knowledge that I have acquired through my schooling and learning.