Top 5 Best Beaches in the Caribbean

I have traveled extensively in the in the Caribbean, visiting almost every island. This means that I am very knowledgeable of different beaches the area has to offer; so I thought I this week I would write a quick post where I rank must see beaches in the Caribbean and what they are the best for!

1. 7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Best for Photos

Ranking number one on my list is 7-Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. I visited this beach around seven in the morning making the lighting absolutely amazing for photos! Another great part of going to this beach early in the morning is the fact that there was barely anyone there ensuring we got the best photos! Overall this beach was incredibly relaxing, and is the most perfect example of what Caribbean beaches are expected to be! The water was crystal clear, almost like pool water! The waves were also incredibly calm adding to the peaceful vibe of the beach. I would highly recommend this beach to anyone wanting to have a nice calm beach day and also get some bomb photos!

2. Governors Beach, Grand Turk

Best Adventure

It was a close call whether Governors Beach would rank number one on my list or not! This beach in Grand Turk was perfect for adventurers a like, mostly because of the washed up shipwreck that lived on shore! Unfortunately, this ship, Mega Triton One, has since been removed from the shore, ultimately making the beach a little less exciting. Don't get me wrong this is a beautiful beach. The water is crystal clear and there is a family of donkeys that live on the beach and may greet you. However, knowing that the shipwreck has been removed is ultimately the reason why this beach did not top the list. Also just a ways up from the beach is a restaurant called Jack's Shack. This is an awesome spot to relax from a long day of adventures in Grand Turk! They have a volleyball net right on the beach. You can enjoy the sunset with one of their Mermaids Tale drinks in your hand while petting Jack's insta-famous dogs Topher & Calypso!

3. Trunk Bay, St John

Best Location

Trunk Bay ranked number three on the list for its location. Trunk Bay is in St. John which is off the coast of St. Thomas and is known for it's tropical location! When I went to St. John I was amazed by the vegetation. Trunk Bay is a secret getaway beach nestled within a lush mountain side. This was definitely one of the most gorgeous beaches that I have visited, and I definitely recommend checking it out if you are around St. Thomas, especially because you take a ferry to get to St. John. When I visited I learned that the vegetation used to be even more luscious but the severity of hurricanes had ruined a great portion of their vegetation. I also learned the people of St. John were still trying to recuperate as well from the hurricanes that ravaged the island. It has been several years since I have visited Trunk Bay so I imagine it is even more beautiful than before as the vegetation has had time to bloom again.

4.Eagle Beach, Aruba

Best Sunset

Ranking number four on the list is Eagle Beach in Aruba. This beach was definitely beautiful and worth visiting. The water is very clear just like the other places I have mentioned. I didn't spend an entire day at this beach, but I was able to catch the sunset here. This was probably my favorite beach to watch the sunset at! The sun sets rights over the water and is absolutely breathtaking. I definitely recommend trying to grab some sunset photos here if you ever find yourself in Aruba!

5. Vivo Beach Club, Puerto Rico

Best Vibe

Ranking number five on the list is the Vivo Beach Club in Puerto Rico. I rated this beach the best vibe because of the beach club. Vivo Beach Club has beachside access as well as a full bar and pools! This is a place to go for a good time! There's music playing and the whole atmosphere is very energetic. I have been to Vivo Beach Club two times, and I had a great experience both times that I went! While the beach club is super fun, the reason it ranked number five on the list is because the water is not the best. Obviously it is clearer than New Jersey or even California water, but it is definitely not as crystal clear as some of the other beaches that I have mentioned.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post! If you ever find yourself in Caribbean I hope you the chance to visit some if not all of these beaches! If you have visited these any of these beaches or have any beaches you recommend drop a comment & post of a photo; I would love to see!

Talk soon!

Makenzie xx

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