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Student Housing in London

While I'm studying abroad in London I am staying at the Princess Elizabeth House. The Princess Elizabeth House is a renovated student dormitory that is located in Highgate. The dormitory houses about 150 students; which means students from other unis' stay with us as well. PEH has a combination of different flats and enclosed studios.


Luckily for me my flatmates are my two friends, Mandy and Sydney. Our flat is different than a lot of the other flats in the house. We are situated towards the back of the PEH; so we have an entire studio to ourselves. I am in a single room, and my friends share the other room in the flat. We have a shared bathroom and kitchen; while other students live in a corridor and share a bathroom and kitchen with the entire hall.


The Princess Elizabeth House is about a 40 minute commute to our school. When we go to school or go into the city we use the Archway Tube Station which is a little over a half a mile walk. The only downside is the fact that the stations is at the bottom of Highgate Hill; which means everytime we come back to Highgate we have to walk half a mile up a steep hill!


Click this link to see a full tour of The Princess Elizabeth House