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Shopping on Oxford Street

One of the major shopping hubs of London is on Oxford Street. Oxford Street has tons of different stores ranging from Urban Outfitters to Zara to even a Disney Store. Luckily for me my school is very close to Oxford Street; so I have found myself shopping around there quite a few times. My favorite stores around the area are Primark, TopShop, Lush, Uniglow, and Urban Outfitters. Even though Primark is primarily a UK based store, there are two back in Philadelphia that I shop at quite frequently. I have really enjoyed shopping at the Primarks in the UK because there is so much more to choose from! I have been to Primark quite a few times since I have been here. When I first got to London I picked up a pair of black chunky lace up shoes. These have been my go to shoes since I've been in London! They go with mostly everything I wear, and they give off a very polished look as well. My flatmates and I went down to Oxford Street again last night, and we took another trip to Primark. I got a black denim tank top that was on sale for 5.


Then we headed over to one of my other favorite stores here in the UK, Topshop. Topshop is a UK based store that is very similar to Urban Outfitters and Forever21. Unfortunately, they don't have any locations in either Pennsylvania or Arizona. I visited Topshop last week between classes. During that I trip I picked up a black sparkly bodysuit for only €7! I ended up wearing this bodysuit with my pink corduroy jacket, black skinny jeans, and my new shoes from Primark to a club called the Electric Ballroom. Last night when we visited Topshop I picked up three new things. First I got a blue long sleeve top that will be nice to wear to school. I also got another bodysuit which is light pink. The nice thing about it is the fact that it can either be dressed up or can be made to look more casual. And lastly, my favorite thing I bought was a cropped hoodie. I was on my way to the checkout desk when I saw the hoodie, and I just had to get it!


After we finished shopping at Topshop we headed over to the store Lush. If you know me you know I absolutely love Lush. For those of you who don't know Lush is a cruelty free and all natural cosmetics store. I have been shopping at Lush for quite a few years now, but the stores in London are absolutely amazing! I was used to shopping at the Tucson location which was a really small store at the La Encantada Mall, but the Lush on Oxford Street is huge! It is two stories and has the entire collection of Lush products from bath bombs, makeup, to perfume! While I was there I ended up picking up some shower gel and a coffee face mask!


I absolutely love the shopping here in London. In all honesty I believe that the shopping in London is far superior to the shopping in Philadelphia and in New York. I attached links to all of the pieces I have bought so far! I plan on posting some photos of the outfits I have created with the pieces that I have gotten so far!