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My First Day in Colorado!

I promised myself I would post more regularly on my blog so today I am going to talk about my first day in Colorado! We wasted no time and jumped right into a weekend full of adventure. Saturday morning we woke up early and headed towards Aspen, Colorado. We made a couple stops along the way but our final destination was our Airbnb in Glenwood Springs.


The first stop we made was to see Colorado’s herd of bison! I had actually visited this spot last time I was in Denver, but unfortunately the bison were not out during my last visit. Luckily for us the whole herd was out this time, and we were able to see them up close! I snapped a few pictures of them and then we were on the road again!


We drove for about another hour until we got to Idaho Springs, where we planned on stopping for lunch. Megan planned for us to get lunch at the famous pizza place: Beau Jo’s! I was excited to stop here for lunch because I had had it last time I was in town, and it was absolutely amazing! Beau Jo’s has a tradition where you put their homemade honey on the pizza crust. It sounds a bit odd at first, but trust me it is definitely a must! After having lunch we walked around the shops for a bit. I was tempted to buy some handmade soap, but ultimately resisted the urge! We also checked out a really cool antique shop while we were there. I didn’t end up buying anything here though. I am trying to find a new ring and necklace, and I didn’t see any that I loved at any of the shops in Idaho Springs.


After our stop for lunch we did the rest of the drive to our Airbnb which took about two and a half more hours. The drive was really pretty because it was straight through the mountains. We also passed over the continental divide, and I thought that was pretty cool! Once we arrived in Glenwood Springs we checked into our Airbnb. The place we rented ended up being super aesthetic and cool! Apparently the building was once a halfway house that was recently converted to an Airbnb. The apartment that we got was Dinosaur and Pokémon themed, and there was a really big mural painted in the dining room! A lot of the accents were video game and dinosaur themed. One thing I thought was interesting was the fact that our dining room table was an old video game machine!


We played a board game and listened to the record player that was in the living room until it was time to leave for the hot springs. We had a reservation at the Iron Mountain Hot Springs for two and a half hours. We had a really good time at the spring even though we didn’t stay for the full time. Luckily, we were able to still socially distance, and we decided to keep our masks on for the entire time besides a few pictures. Overall, it was a really cool experience, and it reminded me a lot of the sulfuric mud bath I did in St. Lucia a few years ago. The hottest tub that we soaked in was a 108 degrees; so we only soaked in that one for a few minutes!


We had worked up at appetite after the hot springs so we began looking for a place to eat dinner. We ended up finding a food truck that had pierogies so we had dinner there. The food truck was in a shopping plaza with a lot of different restaurants and things so we walked around a bit. After we had dinner we decided to get desert at an ice cream shop! Megan and I thought the ice cream was really good, but Mandy was let down because they messed up her order.


Once we finished eating for the night we went back to the Airbnb and hung out for a bit before bed. We ended up taking some pictures that I will attach below! We drove home the next morning through a snowstorm!! Since we got home we have just been relaxing at Megan’s house, and we went and played in the snow for a bit. But

anyways that was pretty much my entire first day (and second I suppose) in Colorado!