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Exploring Lake Powell

I realize I am writing this blog post a bit late, but at the beginning of June I took a trip up to Lake Powell for the weekend. That weekend was my mom’s birthday so her, my sister, my aunt, and myself went on a girls camping trip. We spent two days camping on Lake Powell at Wahweap campsite. Surprisingly, I have never been to Lake Powell even though I have lived in Arizona my entire life. Even though we just stayed the weekend the trip was super fun and very memorable!


I live in Tucson which is in southern Arizona so the drive up to the lake was pretty long, because Lake Powell is on the border of Arizona and Utah. On the way up we drove through Sedona and stopped to take a hike there! Before we had left I had found a nice hike that lead to some caves in Sedona. The trail is literally called the Sedona Caves Trail and is ranked as moderate. It was incredibly hot so this short hike was the perfect length, and the caves made the heat a little more bearable. The caves there were amazing and really fun to explore! I definitely recommend checking them out if you ever find yourself in Sedona. I will attach some photos I took of them below.


After our hike in Sedona we drove through Flagstaff and stopped there to grab some lunch before heading up to Page, Arizona. The drive from Flagstaff to Page was really pretty. It was straight through the reservation so it was desert and mountains for as far as the eye could see. We ended up getting to our campsite around 5 o’clock and setting up camp for the night. Our campsite was in walking distance to the lake so after we set up camp my sister and I went for a swim for a bit. The water was nice and cool which was refreshing after setting up our tent in the 100 degree weather.


Once the sun set we built a campfire and cooked some dinner. While dinner was cooking I took some time to myself to read my favorite book, Into the Wild. Then for the rest of the night we all sat around the fire and talked for a couple hours.


The next morning we woke up bright and early to go paddle boarding. We drove into town and rented our paddle boards and kayaks from “Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks”. Then we drove over the Utah border to Lone Rock Beach. The neat thing about Lone Rock is the fact that you can drive on the beach and launch right there on shore. So that is exactly what we did. Once we launched we had to paddle out about a mile to get into Skull Canyon. Around noon we found a little beach that we stopped at for lunch and a swim. We also paddled through some narrow canyons; which was absolutely incredible because the only way to get back there is if you are on a kayak or paddle board. While we were out on the water I was able to take some photos, however I cannot stress enough how much these photos don’t do the lake justice.


Even though we had a long and hot day of paddle-boarding we decided the adventure wasn’t over yet! After we returned our boards for the day we took a drive over to the famous Horseshoe Bend. I did not realize that it was actually a bit of walk (like a couple miles!) to get to the viewing point. We ended up doing the walk at the hottest part of the day, but honestly I don’t regret it! The views are amazing! After going to Horseshoe Bend we set out for dinner. We ended up a local restaurant called State 48 Tavern back in Page. We spent quite awhile at dinner to wait out the sun a bit so it wouldn’t be as hot when we returned to camp. After dinner we drove to the border of Arizona and Utah to take photos of the welcome signs. When I was taking photos there were a lot of cars that were honking and waving hello at me, it was quite funny!


We returned to camp that night a bit sunburnt but yet very content. The day was absolutely amazing! Even though it was my genius idea to go camping in the middle of the Arizona summer I wouldn’t have done it any other way! The trip was definitely memorable and my mother had a great birthday weekend!