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Exploring Camden Town

For the past two days my friends and I have ended our nights down in Camden Town. Camden Town is about three tube stops south of us. For my Tucson friends, I can compare it to 4th Ave. It is full of vendors, thrift shops, and street art. It also has the Camden Market; which is a giant market that has different local vendors. They sell food, art, and really anything you can imagine. Camden Town can get quite busy; especially around the market area, but it is still a great place to hang around.


The first night we spent in Camden Town we explored the market. There were a lot of tourist when we first got there, but not in an annoying way. However, as it got a little later it started to clear out so it was mostly the locals. The market is really nice to explore in the evening, because it is lit up and there are also a lot of neon signs that add to the 'downtown' aesthetic. One downside to Camden is the fact that there are a lot of tourist shops that hassle you to buy stuff. But overall the area around the market is really nice, and I definitely recommend checking it out if you are in London.


After we checked out the market, that night, we headed to other side of Camden where there is a lot of thrift stores. By the time we headed over there a lot of the stores were closing because it was around 6pm. Surprisingly, a lot of stores do not stay open late in London, even though there is a definite London nightlife. However, we were able to go into two thrift stores. What I like about the thrift stores in Camden is the fact that they donate their proceeds to different charities. The first thrift store we went to was Mind which donates their proceeds to improving mental health services and support. I was happy to find a nice black cashmere coat while I was there. After going to Mind we checked out another thrift store which I believe was British Heart Foundation. Then we headed home for the night.


The next morning we went and explored Greenwich (stay tuned for my blogpost "First Time in Greenwich") However, after we left Greenwich we found ourselves in Camden Town again. The main reason why we went into Camden Town again was because my friend wanted to get her nipples pierced. Once we got to Camden Town we hit some of the thrift shops we didn't get a chance to go into the night before. Then we went to Camden Piercing and Tattoo to get her piercings. Once we got there my friends convinced me to finally get my helix pierced! I ended up getting mine done first, and honestly it wasn't painful at all! A lot of people told me that it hurt when they got their cartilage pierced, but it was over before I realized the needle went in! I'm really glad I ended up getting it pierced; I think it looks super cute!