A Snow Day in Denver

We woke up early on Monday morning with hopes of heading to Idaho Springs. We had booked a tour at Cave of the Winds, and we planned to visit the wolf sanctuary there too. Unfortunatley for us the snow from the previous day carried on through the night and into the morning. Although the roads were increbily snowy we still headed down to Idaho Springs for our day of adventures (so we thought).


About a third of the way into our drive we got a call that our tour was canceled because there was no access to the cave due to the snow and ice. Although are tour got canceled for the day we still made the best of our snow day in Denver! Once we found out that our tour was canceled we turned around and decided to find somewhere to have breakfast. We ended up eating at this local restaurant called Snooze. We got the OMG French Toast and the Spudz Delux with tofu and jalepenos. The french toast was honestly some of the best french toast I have ever had in my life. I wasn't expecting it to be so flavorful and creamy! I think it was coated in cinnamon roll icing. The Spudz Deluxe was also really good! It's savoriness complemented the sweetness of the french toast really well!


During our breakfast we tried to come up with a plan for the rest of the day. We originally planned on visting the Denver art museum, but sadly they were sold out of tickets until Wednesday. Then we resorted to our favorite activity...thrift shopping! So after breakfast we went to a local thrift shop called Arc Thrift Store. This was honestly a really good thrift shop! They had a wide selection of clothes, decorations, and furniture. I found some really awesome photo frames there that I ended up passing on simply because I'm traveling. They also had some really nice furniture that would have been awesome to refinish! Although I didn't get any of those things I did get some other really cool things! One thing I found was a vintage night gown that is white and has little pink flowers on it. I also found a really cute small butterfly hair clip too! And lastly, I was able to find a really cute oufit there also! I thrifted the some dark cordouy pants and a vintage yellow top. I have been looking for this type of jean for a little while now so I was really excited that I finally found it! We were all so excited about our thrifting finds we tried them on in the 16 degree snowy parking lot!


After the we went to the thrift store we went across the street to a local antique store. I love looking through these types of stores because they always have so many interesting things! I actually went into the store looking for old maps so that I can turn them into different jewelry pieces when I go back home! Luckily I was able to find some. I got a 1964 map of the east coast and a 1977 map of the southwest.


After the thrift store we had to go home because Mandy had a class she had to go to. I took the time to finish one of my photography projects which was a cyanotype sun print. After finishing up some schoolwork Megan did me and Mandy's nails and we watched the Halloweentown movies. We also made some brownies too, and overall it was a really nice night spent hanging out with some of my best friends!


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